Water splashing off a windshield.
Chemicals & ColorSystem.

BMW Group Automotive Chemicals & ColorSystem.

BMW Group Automotive Chemicals and ColorSystem are quality products that can make a difference in your shop every day. Each product is tested and approved to be safe on all BMW and MINI vehicles. Using them is a great way to earn customer satisfaction and loyalty. ColorSystem can earn you points on the BMW and MINI Incentives Program Platform.

Original BMW Engine Oil pours into BMW vehicle engine.

Service Fluids and Chemical Products.

Drivers may never even see the maintenance and repair chemicals used on their vehicle – but they can certainly feel the difference that they make when using BMW and MINI service products.

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BMW trained painter wearing protective gear while performing paintwork on a BMW vehicle in a BMW spray booth.


BMW and MINI drivers expect the best when it comes to their vehicles, and when you use the right products for the job, you’re going a long way towards assuring their satisfaction. When you offer your customers ColorSystem, they'll enjoy a deep rich finish, engineered for unsurpassed factory quality.

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Touch-up paint sticks in a variety of colors.


Touch-Up Paint Sticks are available in a variety of colors to enable repair of minor paintwork damage.

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